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Bullrun 2007


The news is out and Bullrunners have been notified of the start and end cities for Bullrun 2007. The Eastern United States will come alive in May 2007. Speculation has already begun on the route and the cities in between. As always, everyone will expect the unexpected, but one thing is for sure. It will be a blast.

P.S. – There’s only one way into Key West by car....or is there?

Spike TV Logo Goldberg Pic


The web is buzzing with the news of wrestling superstar and avid car enthusiast — Bill Goldberg hosting the new Spike TV series, Bullrun, premiering in spring ’07. Bullrun on Spike TV will feature 12 teams of two drivers who use their own cars in a rally that takes them across America.

“These Bullrun contestants better bring the same intensity, passion, and love for cars that I have or they are going to be left in the dust,” said Goldberg.

Same goes for Bullrun Live Event participants, you’ll need to bring your best as well. Goldberg plans on taking you all on with his brother’s Ferrari Enzo on Bullrun 2007.

Car Domain

Car Domain Loves Bullrun

Rally Boss, Andy Duncan, recently visited our friends at Car Domain. To thank them for the serious coverage of the 2006 Rally, Andy dropped off some Bullrun swag.

Click on the Car Domain logo above.

Danny Coyle

Danny Coyle Spotted At New England Ferrari Event

October 2, 2006

We all know that Bullrunner, Danny Coyle is a bit crazy, especially at speeds over 210 mph. in his 1000hp Mallett Corvette. But he did something that would make the late Enzo Ferrari turn over in his grave. He brought a Lamborghini to a Ferrari Only event.

Gallardo Ferrari Show

No, he wasn’t causing trouble. He was there on behalf of Exotic Rental Car Company, Gotham Dream Cars.

Gotham Dream Cars Corey Haim

The Coreys Get Show After Bullrun 2006

Bullrun does it again!!! In the wake of “The Coreys” making a their first public appearance in a very long time during Bullrun 2006, cable network, A&E has ordered eight episodes of a new reality series for 2007.

The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys, featuring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, will be a weekly half hour series bringing viewers up-to-date on what the Coreys have been up to. Driving fast and partying will make a great episode.

Jay Riecke

INSIDER: The Jay Riecke Interview

The Bullrun Insider recently spoke with Team Riecke captain and Covington, Louisiana native, Jay Riecke. He sets the record straight with his new Brabus and the infamous “Turkey Incident”.


ITV Logo

Bullrun 2006 NY to LA Premiers on ITV1.

Bullrun’s September 9th ITV premiere was a smashing success.

The show airs again on ITV1 at Wednesday October 10th at 11pm GMT.

ITV4 - Great news, there will also be a 4 episode Bullrun 2006 series on ITV4 - Starting October 2nd (Check for times).

Spike TV Logo

Bullrun on Spike TV Auditions!!

The folks at Bullrun and Spike TV would like to thank all you drivers who submitted videos as part of your audition.

We received a lot and they were all extremely entertaining.



Sema Logo

Bullrun at SEMA Las Vegas

The word is Bullrun will be hosting the hot after-party ticket at this years SEMA event in Vegas. More details to come and some free tickets!

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Be our FRIEND on Myspace

The Bullrun Myspace page has made many great friends thus far. Check it out.


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New video clips!

We’ve updated the latest links onto the Video and 2006 Rally Update sections.

Carl Lewis Takes on the Mosler..

Official Bullrun photos and video coming soon to www.bullrun.com

NY Registration Photos.

Check out the latest photo essay from Richard Brill See www.tcf.net/bullrun.html


’Always First’

1. Team Forest Park Pictures. Tove Christensen & Peter Michels.

2. Team Texas. The Collins Bros.

3. Team Riecke. Jared Riecke and Byron Burkhardt.

Magnaflow ’Hot 1/4’ Award

For the quickest time over the 1/4 mile at Great Bend, Kansas. The winners, Team Chris, Christian Briggs and Christopher Roundtree in the quick as hell Porsche.

’Violator Award"

1. Will Mellor. 3 tickets in one hour on the rally 2 for speeding, one for going to slow..and apparently getting over the border without a passport.

’Try Hard Award’

1. Rory Camangian. Dressed like a matador all week..though most thought he was a 200 pound mouse. Part of Team Los Matadors, had Pamplona style runners in front of his car in Times Square..legendary! One of the great all time road-trip blog writers.

’Spirit of Bullrun’

Team L4YUK - Paul ’matador’ Waters and Handsome Pete ’Spaceman’ Dingle. The boys form the UK shipped their very rare 340R Lotus from the UK, got it out of customs just in time, and drove in every weather condiotion imaginable without a roof..

’Style Award’

Uncle Frank, the Legend and the Chaos boys, Abi, Omar and Tarun. They brought a 45’ tour bus, two cars and four lades with them..always the life and soul of the party. Only hiccup..that strip search of uncle Frank by the PD..now where’s that cushion to sit on..?

Notable mentions..

Annabelle Frankl, Team Twins, first girl ever to get arrested on Bullrun. 105 mph...enough said.

Chuck Mallett and Danny Coyle, built a 1000 bhp Corvette for the trip, were 3 day late and finally caught up with the rally in Kansas. Had to refuel every 55 miles...but potentially clocked the fastest time at 210mph. Yes 210mph.

The wayward brothers, brothers to Damian Miller and Dennis Collins... Alex Miller and Michael Collins decided a 2.30am close in San Diego wasn’t enough for them and for headed to ’go out’ in Mexico..only problem, Alex forgot to take his UK passport and had a little trouble at the border

Stars & Cars

Celebs include Olympic Legend Carl Lewis, Hayden Christensen, Mario Andretti, Boyd Cottington, Lost Boys Corey Feldman & Corey Haim. Even Misha Barton makes an appearance.

Mario Andretti joins Bullrun USA 2006!

The biggest star of autosport, racing legend Mario Andretti confirms his place on the starting grid for Bullrun 2006 on July 22nd in New York. Driving as part of the official Bullrun exhaust sponsor Magnaflow Mario has a few surprises in store for the Bullrunners this year. Amongst Marios honours he has been a Four-time Champ Car National Champion, Formula One World Champion, Daytona 500 winner, Indy 500 winner and the only driver to win races over 5 decades.. The word is Mario is already gearing up for his drive with Team Magnaflow and there are some other driving stars amongst the Magnaflow Team, they’ll be a serious challenger for this years Bullrun. See www.magnaflow.com for more official Team Magnaflow Bullrun updates.

Boyd and Jo Coddington join Bullrun.

Amercian Hot Rod come out of the tracks to join Bullrun USA 2006. Boyd has been at the top of his field for 25 years, long before the Discovery cameras came. He was Hot Rod Magazine’s Man of the Year way back in 1988. Of course building hot rods is only the start, rolling them out of the garage doesn’t count, across the USA in one week is what it’s all about. See www.boydcoddington.com

SEMA Member Logo

Bullrun is a proud member of SEMA.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SEMA. It’s the Specialty Equipment Market Association that represents the automotive specialty and performance parts industry.

Basically it’s an organization and Vegas trade show for everything that goes on or in a car. From nitrous systems to shiny rims, it’s all there.

Bullrun Automotive_

European Car

European Car - January 2007

We just keep going to the newsstand and finding magazines with Bullrun coverage. No, we knew this one was coming, but to get the January 2007 issue of European Car in November was like Christmas come early. Les Bidrawn, Karl Funke and Rob Hallstrom give a very impressive day by day account of Bullrun 2006. And for all you Brabus fans, a feature of Claus Ettensberger’s 550 bhp Brabus CLS55 K8 is included as an added bonus. Do they know how to travel or what?

Bond DBS

Casino Royale – Aston Martin

You do not have to carry Her Majesty’s Passport to be excited about the new Bond film, Casino Royale. We here at Bullrun expect Daniel Craig to be a killer 007.

However, most Bullrunners go to see the car and they will be most excited to see a version of the car that won Bullrun 2005. The “DBS” is a sporty version of the DB9, but with a rocket-launcher or two of course.

Luxury & Exotics


Bullrunner, Craig Lieberman, gives a day by day account of Bullrun 2006 in the Nov/Dec 2006 issue ML&E magazine. Highlights include a tip of what not to say to a cop when he asks...

Cop: “Do you know why you’re being pulled over”?

Craig: “It depends, how long were you following me”?

Brilliant pics and coverage.

Spyker Police

Dutch Speeders Beware - Spyker C8

Spyker has delivered a one-off special police version of its C8 Spyder to the rural forces in the Netherlands. The C8 is a hand built roadster built by Spyker and powered by an Audi 4.2L V8. There are several different flavors starting with a 400hp version capable of reaching speeds of up to 300km/h moving up to the C8 Double 12S, a street legal version of the Le Mans C8 with an optional 600hp engine.

A more expensive and powerful version, labeled the C12 because of its W12 engine, was also developed recently but considering the €215,000 starting price for just the V8 version, we bet that the police version is the lesser C8 model. This is just the latest high-end performance car to be turned over to crime fighting forces.

Rides Magazine

Bullrun in RIDES

Be sure to pick up the November 2006 edition of Rides Magazine. Bullrunner, Brian Scotto, adds to the already amazing amount of Bullrun 2006 coverage. This stylized account of the fun, speed, and all out craziness is a must read for Bullrunners and future Bullrunners alike.

Wired Magazine

Bullrun in Wired Magazine

Check out this article featuring the Hydrogen Hummer that did the entire 2006 Bullrun - All 3,800 miles.

Much has been written about alternative fuel options for the future. We’re happy to report that Bullrun supports anything and everything that supports long distance driving.

Congrats to our friends at Cyclone Energy.

**Click on Wired logo

Paris Auto Show 2

Paris International Motor Show

September 29, 2006

Paris is the place to be in the auto world for the next two weeks as the Paris International Motor Show is in full swing. It’s a great time as the folks in Paris take a break from burning cars in their regular protest riots to celebrate the automotive industry.

Here are some new cars from the show we hope to have on the Bullrun in the coming years.

Gallardo Nero

Lamborghini - Gallardo Nero

Chevy WTCC

Chevy - WTCC

Audi R8

Audi - R8

Festival of Speed

Now a happy place for Bullrunners and car enthusiasts!

Coming off its best show yet, Festivals of Speed announces details for the Orlando, FL show September 30th-October 1st 2006.

We all had one, a Ferrari or Lamborghini poster hanging on our wall. Most of us have never had the opportunity to purchase one for ourselves, some may have never even seen one in person. This show is that poster coming to life – and better. Mixed amongst some of the biggest names in luxury lifestyle brands, and spread across the grounds of The Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes Resort, the Festivals of Speed brings you a selection of exotic cars never before seen in Central Florida.

Begin your weekend Saturday night at the Jet Port Reception, where you will mingle amongst millions of dollars worth of privately owned jets and historic aircraft. On Sunday, make your way to The Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes to take your pick amongst the Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Porsches, and more.

For more info:


Corvette Mag

Bullrun in Corvette Magazine

Be sure to pick up the December 2006 issue of Corvette Magazine. Our very own Annabelle Frankl of Team Twins wrote a six page feature article on her experiences during Bullrun 2006 - New York to LA.

Annabelle and her brother, Nicholas, tore it up in a Z06. She is very well respected among Bullrunners as she became the 1st female driver to ever be arrested for speeding on the Bullrun.

Her father, Andrew, also competed in the 1979 Cannonball Sea-To-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy dash. With multiple rallies under their collective belts, the Frankls could possibly be the 1st Family of the Rally World.

Test Drive Logo

September 2006 marks the next edition of one of the best driving games ever produced, Test Drive: Unlimited. Released on X-Box 360, TDU offers gamers/drivers the opportunity to compete in races, challenges, missions and tournaments. Acquisition of cars is thankfully reasonable, meaning you won’t have to win a crazy amount of races in order to purchase the car of your dreams. Many Bullrun cars are available including the Murciélago, Gallardo SE, Ferrari 360, Ford GT, Spyker, Saleen S7 and many more.

Test Drive Map

Test Drive: Unlimited offers over 1000 miles of roads on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, down to the very foot. Driving from one side of the island to the other can literally take almost an hour, even in a Ferrari F430.

You know what that means? Players can hold virtual Bullrun Rallies on X-Box Live.

Test Drive’s X-Box Live area will be a persistent online racing world where players can create or join a car club. Look out for the Bullrun Car Club and we’ll RALLY THE VIRTUAL WORLD!!


Top Gear Logo

Bullrun on Top Gear

It seems as though the folks at Top Gear failed to break the US Coast to Coast record in a Jaguar XKR, similar to the Jaguar that set the record in 1979. Congrats on this historic effort.

According to their blog they ran into some trouble with a State Trooper who thought another BULLRUN was coming through.

Here’s the link:


La Carerra Pan Am

Bullrun & Carrera Unlimited Class

So what does Bullrun do when the rally is over? Plan the next one.. Bullrun with their partners, the Unlimited Class, present the 2006 La Carrera Panamericana Unlimited Class in Mexico, the greatest road race in the world. The event will run modern exotic cars in the historic Carrera Panamerica. 20 modern day cars will race over 7 days, 3,050 km, and for $100,000 USD of prizes. 100% legal. 100% race. The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana will take place from November 9th to 16th of 2006, starting in Oaxaca, Oaxaca and finishing in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. For the inaugural race, the modern cars will be a separate class immediately proceeding the Historic race. For more info on what’s required to participate, what you need for your vehicle, how to apply etc. e-mail [email protected].

Magnaflow logo

Magnaflow’s Bullrun 2006 Coverage

Our friends at Magnaflow Performance Exhaust have created a fine addition to the already incredible coverage Bullrun 2006 has received. With the always entertaining Craig Lieberman at the helm, you’re in for a great read. Nice pics as well.



On July 21st, 2006, Marcello Thedford unveils “Team Cello: The Next Order of Automotive Enthusiasts” for Bullrun 2006. Marcello (“ER, ”Employee of the Month“, ”Crossover“, ”Playmakers“) and co-driver Hassan Johnson (HBO’s ”The Wire“, HBO’s ”Entourage“ and FOX’s ”Rescue Me" with Dennis Leary) will be driving an Audi A8 quattro that will be fueled with Shell V-Power premium gas.

Team Cello is not only known by what it drives, but what wheels it drives on. The supercharged beast will be complemented by a set of custom made (never before seen on the street) $20,000 22inch rims called “TimeKeeper Rims”...the only rims in the world that actually tell time!!!

CEC Logo

CEC into Bullrun

CEC owner and president, Claus Ettensberger, joins Bullrun this year. He drives a highly sought after Brabus CLS 55.. what wheels will he have on it..? See www.cecwheels.com TWO LONG-TIME COLLEAGUES ARE IN FOR THE RIDE OF THEIR LIVES

Pat the kids on their heads, and kiss the wives good-bye. Claus Ettensberger President of CEC, and Les Bidrawn Editor of European Car are fueling-up a BRABUS tuned CLS55 for The Bullrun Rally.

Claus Ettensberger and Les Bidrawn’s friendship goes back to the early ‘90s when CEC was making a name for itself in the automotive aftermarket industry, and Les was a burgeoning photographer at European Car. At the time, Claus was personally knocking on editors’ doors for media exposure, and of course, European Car was one of his first stops. Les has taken countless pictures of CEC vehicles for European Car, as well as memorable images that have appeared in CEC’s corporate catalogs.

Since then, Les Bidrawn has risen to the rank of Editor at European Car; Claus Ettensberger has lead CEC to be North America’s premiere tuning center, increasing its prestige with the addition of BRABUS USA, LP, a new division of CEC.

Beginning on July 22, 2006 in New York City, these two friends will team-up to drive a BRABUS CLS55 cross-country for the experience of a lifetime. The rally makes its way from one checkpoint to the next, revealing destinations daily. Each day concludes with a party and a restful (or not) night at a five-star hotel. The 2006 Bullrun’s final stop is in Los Angeles on July 28th.


Bullrun On Jalopnik

Jalopnik. "Nine Olympic gold medals should be reason enough for anyone to be considered a badass. But here’s the thing: we don’t consider Carl a badass because of that, although he was a childhood hero to us. We consider Carl a badass because in the world of sporting/celebrity culture, he’s earned the right to be a total dick, yet the night the Bullrun ended, once the party in Haller’s room got shut down by the Beverly Hilton’s Gestapo, Nick Frankl chewed out the security guards and immediately got on the horn to Carl.

Lewis invited us up to contiue the festivities. When we told him we didn’t have a hotel room or a ride back to Pedro, he let us crash on his couch. What’s more, the man even got us a blanket. That, friends, is class. We’ve met a number of our childhood and teenage heroes, and Carl’s right up there with Joe Strummer in terms of fulfilling our expectations. Trust us, that’s rare." For more www.jalopnik.com/cars/bullrun/

Forbes Auto

Forbes Autos. Carl Lewis on Bullrun, “There is no one thing that this whole thing is about,” Lewis said of the rally. “It’s about the lifestyle. And to me, like I’ve been saying all the time, it’s amazing because there are people from all walks of life; all ethnicities; different countries. And one thing brought them together: their love of cars.” For the full article search Bullrun at www.forbesautos.com

Introducing Bullrun's First Sportscar — The All New Bullrun RT

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